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Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Forced into Adult Diapers

Updated: 1/9/16

Chapter 1 (The Club)

It’s a typical Friday night and you’re looking to go out to a club and have some fun.  You try to put on make-up and wear some type of skimpy outfit with high heals to look more of your age (21+) even though you know that you’ll always get carded by the bouncer, because of how short and young you look.  The second you walk out of your place and on to your street some old lady has to nerve to say, “Little girls shouldn’t be out this late” as she walks on by.  You’re so submissive inside that you don’t even give a response and only making a pouting face at her.
You get inside the club after being carded and asked for two separate types of IDs to verify you are of age and make your way to the bar.  I man at the bar asks you, “Where’s your Daddy?  Did he just drop you off?”  “...” you can’t say anything back as you start to tear up over the humiliation that you’ll never look like an adult.  You try to pay for your drink, but the man who just humiliated you bought you your drink.  You’re so embarrassed that you can’t even say thank you and immediately go and find the women’s bathroom.

Chapter 2 (Club’s Bathroom)

You walk inside and surprised that no one is inside the bathroom as you walk in and start cleaning up your make-up after your little tears from crying earlier.  The door opens and it’s that same man holding a dark black bag in his hand.  “Hi Baby,” as he walks over to you.  Your knees start to quiver and suddenly your panties start to feel a little wet as you stand still, unable to even move away from the man.  
Something very wet starts to run down your leg as you suddenly notice that you’re peeing and try to run to the bathroom stall.  The man pushes you into a bathroom stall.  He hikes up your short skirt and finds a big wet stain on your hot pink baby girl panties.  “You’re going to be a good girl and do as I say, or I’ll make you walk out of here with your skirt stuffed inside of your panties and show everyone how you pissed in your panties.”  You nod and start to cry as your knees are shaking as you need to finish peeing.
The man pulls out a big white adult diaper with little baby bear prints on the front and tells you to hold it as he sprinkles baby powder all over the diaper.  He then takes the diaper and pulls it up and between your legs and over your wet-stained panties and tapes the diaper straps around your waist to tighten the diaper firmly against your body.  He takes a baby wipe and wipes up the streak of pee that dripped down your left leg.  A sound of water splashing a smooth surface comes out from your diaper as you can’t control yourself from letting the rest of your pee pee flow through your panties and into your diaper.  
“Aw, did Baby make a wetty?” as he slowly puts a 12-18 month baby pacifier into your mouth.  You nod and for some reason find yourself a little better off with the diaper securely fastened around your waist and a the big nippled pacifier in your mouth.  “Tell your Daddy what you did, baby.”  “I... wet... my... …” as you try to muddle it through the baby pacifier stuck in your mouth.  At this moment in time, you start to feel like you need this man to be your Daddy.  “What did you wet baby?  Tell Daddy.”  “I wet my... Diaper, Daddy,” as you feel a little relieved to think of yourself as a baby and to call this stranger your Daddy.   Your soggy wet diaper starts to slightly sag and feel heavier then before as you stand there hoping he’d change you wet diaper.
Two ladies enter the woman’s bathroom and find your, now Daddy walking you out of the bathroom stall.  One of the ladies think that you’re maybe some type of slut for fucking in the bathroom, but then think otherwise after the sight of a baby pacifier in your mouth.  “Is she OK?” as the other lady asks your Daddy in concern.  He lifts up your little skirt and says, “My baby just wet her last diaper I had brought with us.”  Both of the ladies cover their mouth in astonishment and look the other way smirking to one another as your Daddy’s hand walks you out of the bathroom.  Almost everyone inside of the club appears to notice you sucking a on a pacifier as you make your way out of the club, but you’re beyond thinking that you’re a big girl anymore and only find your eyes on your Daddy’s hand holding you.
You’re so turned on to the older man treating you like a baby that you don’t want him to leave you that you hug him and whisper in his ear, “Thank you for diapering me, Daddy.”  Daddy grabs your diapered ass and pressed it hard against your ass as your slightly cold wet diaper presses up against your wet pussy and says, “I knew you were you nothing but a big baby when I first say you, but didn’t know how big of a baby you are to be enjoying your pacifier and diaper in public.”  The first few minutes were almost unbearable, but it was all worth the embarrassment to be able to feel incompetent like a baby again.

Chapter 3 (Daddy’s Car)

“I think it’s past your bed time, isn’t it?”  “Yes, Daddy,” as you smile and hope that he takes you away.  Daddy walks you over to his car, parked about a block away and keeps that baby pacifier stuck in your mouth.  A few people walk past you with smiling faces at you and one drunk guy says, “Where’s her diaper?”  Your Daddy lifts up the back of your skirt for him to see as he passes by.  The humiliation starts to come back and you little tears start to come out of your eyes once again.  You try to focus on sucking on your pacifier to get through the embarrassment.   
The minute you get to Daddy’s car, he opens the trunk and grabs a diaper bag.  “Spread your legs far apart and put your boyish chest and hands on the top of the hood of the car,” as he orders you like your nothing but a slave to him.  You spread your legs wide open and lay your chest and hands over the hood of the car as you see your Daddy walk over to you with his diaper bag.  He lifts up your skirt and rips the diaper tapes off your diaper and takes the diaper off of you.  He puts the wet diaper in front of your face and then pulls down your soaked pink panties.  “Who’s wet diaper is that?” as he slaps your ass.  You moan and scream and after enjoying the first five spankings you say, “That’s my wet diaper, Daddy.  I pissed in my diaper, Daddy.”  He comes back around to show you your soaked panties and a diaper and asks, “Which one do you want?”  “Can I have my panties?” as you try to have a few more spankings.  “I’m not putting you in my car with your soaking wet panties on, so maybe a few more pats on your ass will change your mind.”  Spank... Spank... SPANK... SPANK...  SSSPPAANNK, as the fifth one almost bursts you into tears.  “I WANT TO WEAR DIAPERS, Daddy,” you almost scream.  “I think you’re enjoying this and wanted to be spanked,” as he spanks you now even harder.  Your ass begins to turn a reddish color and this time you’re almost sobbing with tears after each spanking from your Daddy’s bare-hand.  You try to move but he won’t let you, so you scream, “I BEG of YOU to STOP DADDY, I’ll do anything for you!”

Chapter 4 (Daddy’s Bottle)

“Anything, you say?” Daddy pulls out his hard cock in his pants and grabs your hair to pull you around to the side of the car.  He leans his back against his car door and shove your mouth and face on his cock.  You almost gag to all of his precuming cock shoving its way down your throat.  This is your chance to prove yourself of how desperate you are to do anything for your Daddy.  You suck and lick every part of his cock and balls like a dirty slut trying to make a measly dollar.  Daddy finds his diaper bag near and grabs a baby bottle out makes you hold an opened baby bottle against your lips.  “You better make sure all of Daddy’s milk gets into your baby bottle,” as Daddy tries to slowly blow his load of creamy milk against your lips.  Most of his cum slides off your lips and in your baby bottle while the rest smears over your chin and cheeks.  You take your finger and try to grab any left over cum and stick it back into the baby bottle.  Being the dirty slut you are, you even lick your Daddy’s dick nice and clean before helping Daddy put his cock back inside of his pants.  
Daddy takes you over to the back of the car and places your body front first over the trunk.  He lifts up your skirt and still finds your sore ass nice a red from your naughty spanking.  Spank... Spank... as your daddy slaps on some baby lotion to you ass.  You moan over the glob of baby lotion being slapped between your legs and smacking against your little cunt of a pussy.  After smearing the lotion all over, you feel the thick and sticky Vaseline being smeared all over your butt and pussy crotch.  
You look over to the sidewalk and see two big white adult diapers spread out on top of one another on the dirty sidewalk.  “Go lay down on your diapers, BABY.”  A hint of fear and humiliation crawls back up your spine as you think about how much of dirty slut you’d look like lying on the filthy sidewalk.  You slowly make your way over to the diaper as Daddy sprinkles baby powder all over the diaper.  You get turn around to sit on top of the diaper with one hand on the dirty sidewalk and then lay back.  The sidewalk feels so cold against your half naked body as you lay there with your legs spread wide open.  

Chapter 5 (Mommy Julie)

A couple of girls notice you lying on a diaper and come over to see what the fuck’s going on.  “How much are you paying this slut to do this?” one the girls says with disgust.  “This is not a slut, this is a desperate baby girl that needs a Daddy.  She has a pretty good mouth and was able to get this much out of me,” as your Daddy shows them the cummy filled baby bottle.  “Wow, what a slut! She blew you right here on the street?”  “Yes, she wanted to do anything I asked,” as you see your Daddy smiling through your crying eyes.  The whole time you dare not to move with your exposed Vaselined cover pussy sitting on a big white baby powdered diaper.  You just lay there ashamed and suddenly find yourself needing to pee again.  
“Does she eat pussy?” as you of the girls named Julie asks with interest of using you for her own pleasure.  “I’m not sure but how’d you want her to eat you out?” as your Daddy looks at you with a smile.  Julie doesn’t even wait a second to think about it before walking over to you with her skimpy little dress and high heels on.  She stands right over your face, facing your exposed pussy and sits her slightly wet pussy on your face.  Holding her thong off to one side as she slides her now wet pussy back and forth over your face.  “Lick it Bitch! Lick my pussy,” talking like she was your mother scolding you.    
Daddy starts to finish strapping you into your double diaper while you’re pinned down by a 21 years old pussy on your face.  “Give me that baby bottle.  I don’t want to waste my cum on this little baby’s mouth,” as Julie’s pussy juice smears all over your face and down your chin.  Daddy gives the baby bottle to Julie.  Julie holds the baby bottle under her pussy and above your face as her cum shoots out.  Hot wet cum spills out into your baby bottle and mixes with the your Daddy’s cum before Julie sits you up.  Julie comes around and shows you her cum-dripping pussy and says, “Clean up your Mommy’s pussy right not young lady.”  
The other girls and your Daddy are all looking at you wearing your diaper, sitting on the sidewalk and about to lick up your now Mommy’s pussy who is also a couple of years younger then you.  All you can think about it is how ashamed you are to have gotten yourself into this position as you cry while licking your 21 years old Mommy’s pussy.  “That’s a good baby, finish Mommy’s baby food,” as Julie humiliates you even more.  While you’re licking up the last of Mommy’s pussy “food,” your bladder gives in once again and you start to wet your diaper in front of everyone.  Luckily no one but you notices your double thick diaper getting wet inside, but it only makes you more uncomfortable to have to sit in your wet diaper.
Daddy asks Mommy, “Would you like to join me and this baby slut over at my place?”  It takes a little time for Julie to respond with all of that work that you’re putting into her pussy, “Mmmm.  Well I love this baby.  She’s so obedient and submissive, but are you interested in me as well?”  Daddy comes over to Julie and slaps her ass and says, “Daddy’s always looking for a Mommy to help out.”

Chapter 6 (Daddy and Mommy together)

Daddy puts you and Julie in the back seat of his car and starts driving back to his place.  Julie slides off one of her shoulder straps and exposes her right nipple, “Come suck on Mommy’s nipple, you big baby.”  “Daddy, do I have to,” as you try to get out of Julie using you for her own pleasure.  “You better be a good girl and do what Mommy says,” Daddy says before Julie ends up grabbing the back of your head and thrusting your mouth on her nipple to suck on.  “Suck Mommy’s nipple!”
“Julie, there’s another baby bottle filled with formula milk in the her (your) diaper bag.  I want you to pour that into her cummy baby bottle and make sure she finishes the baby bottle before we get to my place.”  Mommy Julie reaches for the baby bottle and pours the formula milk into the cummy one. She swishes the liquid around inside while taking your mouth off her nipple.  “Mmmm, doesn’t this look so good baby?  You get to have a little of both Mommy and Daddy’s food in your little tummy.  What does my baby want?  Tell Mommy what you need.”  You can’t even bare to find out what that might taste like and say, “I want my pacifier, Mommy.”  “No, no, no you already had your pacifier.  Come one, say it...BABY!”  “Tell Mommy!” as Daddy turns around using his stern voice.  “I... want my...  …. baba,” the minute you say it, tears stream down your face as you lay yourself over Mommy’s lap.  Julie starts to almost laugh as she feeds you the milky-cum filled baby bottle after seeing you cry and a disgust look on your face.  The baby nipple had been cut open, making the sticky and thick cummy formula milk flow like a river in your mouth and forcing you to swallow it all.  It was an awful taste in your mouth that never got any better after each gulp.  

Chapter 7 (Poopy diaper)

The car door opens and you suddenly realize that Daddy must have slipped a laxative in your cummy baby bottle.  After a step or two out of the car, you find yourself on your hands and knees.  The laxative crushes your control to clench your butt cheeks together as you start to feel your mushy poopy seep out and into your diaper.  Daddy and Julie stand in front of you with astonishing looks on their faces as they see a grown woman pooping in her diaper like a baby puppy.  Sobbing tears rush down face as your suffer the embarrassment of making big messy in your diaper.  
“You couldn’t even make inside my place before pooping in your diaper?” as Daddy wraps a collar around your neck while Julie slips on two knee pads over each of your knees.  “Don’t you even think about standing up after what you just did in your diaper,” Daddy talking to you while attaching a leash to your collar.  
You gasp as Julie kicks your diapered ass to get you to start crawling towards the front door.  Your mushy poop spread throughout your diaper after each little movement you make.  After a few feet you are forced by the laxative still at work, to stop and push a little more poop out before continuing.  Julie kicks your poopy diaper again, “Come on Baby!  Move it!”

Chapter 8 (Getting inside)

Daddy opens the front door and lets Julie inside and follows right behind her, leaving you in a doggy-style position on the front step of his house.   “Daddy?” you say after a minute pasts by.  You start to feel scared and think of all of these humiliating ideas in your mind; left outside wearing a poopy diaper until?... possibly raped by another stranger... Julie’s friends showing up and playing with you.  
Suddenly the front door opens and Daddy’s left foot peeks out of the door.  You being the desperate little slut that’s willing to do anything at the moment, lean your mouth close to his foot and kiss it.  You recognize the smell of it from earlier on and remember Julies pussy having almost the same smell.  You even lick the leather shoe and find the front door wide open.  
Julie is butt naked on the floor with her pussy facing the door.  “Mommy Julie is very horny and couldn’t wait for Daddy’s cock so I gave her my shoe to dry-fuck it.  You’re gonna put Mommy Julie in a diaper since she can’t seem to keep herself from making her pussy so gushing wet.  She will change your stinky pooped diaper, if Julie wants to stay in my house.”  
The diaper bag had one more diaper in it for you to use on Julie.  You felt a little better to know that another woman would be wearing a diaper just like you, but at the same time not as special.  After sprinkling the baby powder and rubbing Vaseline all over Julies wet-baby-powdered crotch you strapped her into the diaper.  

Chapter 9 (Two babies)

Daddy grabbed two matching pink baby pacifiers and put one in each of your mouths.  Daddy collared Julie and jointed her leash with yours
before forcing the two of you to crawl towards the bathroom.  You couldn’t help to bump into each other as you made your way to the bathroom.  The heavy poopy diaper began to almost sag off of your butt before finally reaching the bathroom.
Daddy takes off both of your collars before picking you up and laying you in the bathtub.  “Go change her diaper, Julie.  I’ll be right back.”  Julie took off your big poopy diaper and left you sitting in the tub butt-naked.  “You’re breasts are so small, like a little girl.  Do you even need to wear a bra.”  The humiliating comments from Julie started to make you cry after already feeling ashamed for barely having any curvature in your breasts.   

Chapter 10 (feeding)

Daddy comes back with a diaper bag to hold that horroric smell from your messy pooped-diaper from stinking up the rest of the house. Another bag is filled with bottles of baby food and do cat bowls that is poured out onto the bathroom floor. "I bet you and Julie are hungry by now, so let's see who's a faster eater," as Daddy pours five baby food containers in each of your little cat bowls.
"You will both lean over the bathtub with your bare asses in the air as you lick up to that baby food with only your tongue and face." Daddy's smacks Julie's ass, "Are you ready?" "Mmmm... Yes Daddy." Smack... As Daddy smacks the crap out of your bare ass, "you ready?" "Yes Daddy," as you hope there's no catch.
  Who ever is the last one to not finish her bowl nice and clean will have to lick Daddy's chocolate hole. "Go!" You and Julie dive your face and hair into those mushy baby food filled cat bowls.

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